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These are all the unfinished translations I have on my hard drive. I will be uploading them as I have the time.

My email address is if you would like to request a beta rom for testing your translations.

Please remember to leave your name somewhere if you translate anything so I can put you in the credits! This is a lot of hard work so I would like everyone who helps to get credit whenever the patches are released!

8 and 16bit RPGs need your help!Edit

These are games that I was working on before I lost interest in romhacking and moved on to coding my own games. I spent a lot of time hacking these games though and the only thing holding them back from release are the untranslated portions of the scripts (or the entire untranslated script). I would really like to finish these up so all those hours weren't wasted, but I don't feel comfortable recruiting someone to help when this is merely something I'd like to finish up and not a pressing concern.

My hope is that people will stumble across this page and help where they can, and eventually I'll have these scripts finished and the games ready for release. So please, if you know some Japanese and have a bit of time to spare, do a few strings here and there and I'd be very grateful!

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